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Woodlem Park School Al Hamidiya Private provides an inspiring and energizing environment that places the happiness of the child at its heart. The ethos of the school is based on the Jeffersonian’s concept and the UNICEF Child Rights, “Every child has the right to be happy, protected, and loved.” We believe in actualizing the potential and maximizing self-esteem of our students. We encourage critical thinkers and mold our students to become confident productive members of a highly technical society, nationally and globally

A Future Ready School | Woodlempark | Hamidiya | Best CBSE School

We offer:

1. 2Ist Century Teaching- Learning Pedagogy
2. Student Oriented Learning Environment (SOLE) with technology enabled
3. Vibrant learning framework based on OECD Learning Compass 2030
4. Innovative teaching programs in a futuristic and inclusive campus catering to the
needs of every individual
5. Balance of academic rigor and cocurricular activities leading to holistic
6. Digitalized learning
7. Unified framework as per government policies
8. Use of data visualization tools
9. Inquiry-based independent learning
10. Extended learning opportunity
11. Emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills
12. Recording learning journey for continuous assessment
13. Project-based learning
14. Research based Learning.
15. Metaverse and Robotics
16. Reading lounge to enhance literacy skills.
17. Learning centres to encourage little learners.
18. Sensory room
19. Kiddies’ gym
20. STEAM lab
21. Well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Labs
22. Theatre for Drama and Puppetry and ART Studio
23. Library
24. Sports facilities including Football, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Athletics, Table
Tennis, Badminton etc.
25. Well-equipped Music and Dance Room

Hello Tomorrow!
Welcome to the dawn of a new culture at Woodlem Park School Al Hamidiya Private! There are no set rules here, as we throw open the infinite spectrum of life and its endless opportunities. It is all about a new era of responsibilities in a Future Ready School. We take pride in introducing Woodlem Park School Al Hamidiya Private as a sustainable eco school committed to SDGs, Green Curriculum and SOLE- a student-oriented learning environment. We propose to introduce “our Generation “initiatives like use of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Virtual Reality in scholastic and extracurricular skill development of our students. We shall make learning visible through our MLV programs, Speaking School initiatives, Open Mics, Parent Collaboration Projects, Green Passbooks, University Connect Programs and a plethora of seminars and workshops conducted by academicians, entrepreneurs, industry experts and professional counsellors. At Woodlem Park School Al Hamidiya, an inspiring and energizing learning environment based on technological advancements encourages students to cultivate a habit of creative thinking, reading literacy, innovation and a desire to excel at every level. A blended curriculum design based on PYP and EYFS in Kindergarten train our young learners to be exploratory research guides. An amalgamation of a transdisciplinary approach to learning, extensive use of modern technology and development of metacognition enables all our students to become future ready, resilient, critical thinkers and life-long learners. WPS Al Hamidiya provides not only state of the art facilities but also abundant opportunity for sports and cultural activities. Coding, Expressive Art, Music ,Dance, Dramatics, STEAM activities, Artistic Yoga , P.E., Community Outreach Programs, initiatives to combat Climate Change and Mindfulness programmes are blended in learning module to guarantee profound learning and well-being of not only all our budding leaders and their families but also the wider community.
‘Aspire. Accelerate. Accomplish’ is not only our motto for this year but also our promise to you.
Mrs. Joyeeta Bhattacharya

Mrs. Joyeeta Bhattacharya

A Future Ready School | Woodlempark | Hamidiya | Best CBSE School

Why Woodlem Park

Woodlem Park School admits children with a broad range of academic ability. However, consideration is given as to whether or not a child would genuinely cope with the curriculum and the School environment. Places are offered, subject to our assessment criteria, when we are confident that we can meet the needs of each individual applicant whilst maintaining the balance of needs within each year group.


Create and nurture reflective global citizens who think forward and
empower themselves to actualize their potential.


  • Provide a future focused education with a dynamic inquiry based,
    transdisciplinary curriculum framework.
  • Building the capacity of the key players in the learning community,
    Educators, parents and students, to collaborate productively in
    supporting and promoting the building of the capacity of students to
    develop and practice 21st century skills through modern teaching/
    learning methodology supported by empowering curriculum aids.
  • Facilitate access to appropriately advanced digital resources to help
    students evolve as future ready citizens capable of responding to
    challenges as and when they appear.


SEND Laboratory

Learning Laboratories

Holistic Developement

Cosmopolitan Faculty

Flipped Classrooms

A Future Ready School | Woodlempark | Hamidiya | Best CBSE School

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